Enabling systematic engagement through index investing

Passive investing and sustainability engagement were historically deemed to be at best challenging, at worst incompatible. There is a growing realization that combining index investing and sustainability engagement is not only possible but can reinforce and mobilize significant global assets under management to enable collaborative engagement.

By linking engagement to transparent capital re-allocation, passive investing has the ability to influence and achieve changes in corporate practices and strategies, leading to real world impact.

Solving the sustainable investment challenge

By Kingsley Ford, Global Head of Index Investments Group

The sustainability imperative is adding an extra layer of complexity to investment management. Investors are increasingly turning to tailored solutions.

The rise of sustainable investment is making life more complicated for investors and investment managers. While they continue to face the constant challenge of balancing risk and return, they must now also manage the additional layer of complexity introduced by the imperative to take sustainability considerations into account.

Could this time be different? The case for US High-Yield bonds

By Lydia Hamill, Manager, Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Product and Lena Katsnelson, Senior Manager, Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Product

For fixed income markets, 2022 has been a transformative year, marking the end of 15 years of low interest rates and opening the door to the first global inflationary surge in 40 years. The Federal Reserve’s aggressive moves to bring inflation under control, including a series of rate hikes, have not been kind to fixed income in general, pushing yields higher across the curve. However, some assets have fared better than others.