FTSE Russell offers a consistent and flexible capping methodology to help investors meet concentration and diversification requirements. The capping methodology may be applied to most FTSE Russell indexes.


FTSE Russell and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) have developed a long-standing partnership that combines FTSE Russell's world-class multi-asset capabilities with the regional expertise of the JSE in Africa. A diverse range of FTSE/JSE equity and fixed income indexes designed to represent the perspective of both domestic and international investors are the result of this collaboration.


La serie FTSE Italia fornisce agli investitori un insieme ampio e completo di indici ponderati per la capitalizzazione che misurano l’andamento delle società italiane quotate sui mercati MTA e MIV di Borsa Italiana. Gli indici sono stati creati per essere usati come benchmarks e per la creazione di derivati, ETF, fondi passivi e prodotti strutturati.


TSE MTS indexes are a set of benchmarks for the European sovereign bond market. Independent total return indexes measure the performance of the largest and most widely-traded securities in the euro bond market. The data underlying FTSE MTS Indexes is drawn from real-time tradable prices on MTS, the first and leading electronic marketplace for cash bond trading across Europe with over over 500 unique counterparties and average daily turnover exceeding EUR 85 billion.


The FTSE Italia Series provides investors with a comprehensive and complementary set of market-cap weighted indexes measuring the performance of Italian companies listed on the MTA and MIV markets of Borsa Italia. The indexes are designed for use as performance benchmarks and are suitable for the creation of structured products, index-tracking funds, exchange-traded funds and derivatives.


FTSE Russell partners with Research Affiliates® on the innovative FTSE RAFI™ Index Series. Index constituents are weighted using a composite of fundamental factors, including total cash dividends, free cash flow, total sales and book equity value. Prices and market values are not determinants of the index weights. Consequently the indexes are less prone to excessive concentration arising from market fads, which can result in over-exposure to individual companies, sectors or countries.


The FTSE Actuaries UK Gilts Index Series is a broad-based family of indexes and related bonds data (e.g. duration) based on all eligible British Government Securities. The indexes are divided into conventional gilts and index linked gilt indexes. There is a headline index for each sub-division. The indexes are also available in maturity bands. Additionally there is a yield index that provides the term structure of the gilt market from one year up to 50 years.


Designed to represent the breadth and depth of China’s evolving equity market landscape, the FTSE China Indexes include a range of benchmarks designed to support both domestic and international investors looking to access this unique opportunity set. Covering every Chinese share class, broad market benchmarks as well as indexes designed to be used as the basis for index-linked products are included in the series.