The FTSE China A50 Index is the benchmark for investors to access the China domestic market through A Shares – securities of companies incorporated in mainland China and traded by Chinese and institutional investors under the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor and Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII & RQFII) regulation. It is a real-time, tradable index comprising the largest 50 A Share companies by full market capitalisation of the securities listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.


The Russell Geographic Exposure ("GeoExposure") Index is designed to track the performance of companies with significant exposure to targeted geographic regions. This index provides clients with deeper insight into a company's performance, risks, and growth opportunities through knowledge of its geographic exposures.


The Russell High Efficiency Defensive Index® Series is designed to deliver an efficient, transparent, and turnover-controlled capture of the Low Volatility and Quality variables from the Russell Stability Indexes® at various levels of tracking error. These indexes offer a non cap-weighted implementation of the Russell Defensive Index®. In addition, the indexes are the first and only index series to offer target tracking error to the industry leading Russell benchmarks, a key benefit to pension plans, foundations and endowments.


The Russell Conscious Currency Index (RCCI) Series is designed to reflect the performance of common foreign currency market factors (Carry, Value, and Trend). These indexes are built based on transparent and objective rules and provide investors with non-discretionary benchmarks for use in measuring investments in the foreign exchange market.